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Welcome to Me, Mikeself and I ,

This is a really fun podcast where all of us can escape from reality. I know what you are thinking "How the hell can we escape from this reality in 2020?" 

We can't but this podcast makes 2020 bearable, kind of. Here you will listen to me with my impressions as we all have fun together talking about current events and my life as a road comic. 

This podcast is a hub to support small businesses and performing artist. If you are looking for a place to promote yourself, look no further for Me, Mikeself and I supports YOU! 

May 17, 2021

She has performed for the troops, she's been on Nickelodeon, Fox and NBC, please welcome Comedian Cheryl Anderson!

I have known Cheryl for many years and I have never seen her drunk like she was during this interview. 

Don't get me wrong, it was hilarious having Drunk Cheryl on my show, drunk Cheryl  talked about comedy, murder and a bar fight that she was in

Enjoy this Soccer Mom's story! 

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