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Welcome to Me, Mikeself and I ,

This is a really fun podcast where all of us can escape from reality. I know what you are thinking "How the hell can we escape from this reality in 2020?" 

We can't but this podcast makes 2020 bearable, kind of. Here you will listen to me with my impressions as we all have fun together talking about current events and my life as a road comic. 

This podcast is a hub to support small businesses and performing artist. If you are looking for a place to promote yourself, look no further for Me, Mikeself and I supports YOU! 

Nov 13, 2017

We all know that the true Hollywood elite are not the suits that run the studios...its the Mafia. The Mafia has allowed Hollywood to run a muck. All you gotta do is pay your dues to the Mafia. If you don't pay them, you wont end up dead, you will end up like Harvey Weinstein. The mafia knows all your secrets, all your lies. So if you want to be a top dog in Hollywood you need to respect the Mafia. F*ck you, pay me.


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Topics include: mafia, hollywood, harvey weinstein, kevin spacey, ben affleck, gal gadot, louis ck, marvel, allegations, justice league, thor, joey, prank call, little ceasers, podcast, stand up, comedy, fuck you, pay me, Mike Betancourt