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Welcome to Me, Mikeself and I  

This is a really fun podcast which contains the following: prank calls, impressions, rants, music, sports, comedy and sometimes anger. But this the best place to hear my anger  because I become passionate about what's important. Such as, traffic. Yes traffic. Is there a reason why there is  bumper to bumper traffic? No there isn't. Give my car some space, at least one car length. Thank you. We are all in traffic together, let's deal with it as painless as possible. You understand me because you are here. 

Thank you for being here, 

Mike Betancourt

Oct 30, 2018

Attention KMart shoppers! 

It's your number one pal, amigo, hermano and the ghost with the most.... Say it once, say it twice, say it thrice.... It's the B man here and  I have taken over Me, Mikeself and I. This is my first time podcasting and I must say, I like it. It was very therapeutic for me and I didn't realize...

Oct 22, 2018

Comedian Tom Bickle is a guest on today's show and he shows off his alter ego which goes by the name of Skyler Zander. Let's just say that Skyler can sing. Whew! 

I talk about my show at the Brickyard and how I was impressed with the newer comedians that worked hard before I went on stage. There is hope for the newer...

Oct 17, 2018

Greetings MMites!


In this episode I talk about how Top Dog Comedy was a huge success. It was a sold out show and everyone had a blast. Also, Darren Suen, who is running for Mayor of Elk Grove came out to show support. Any politician that comes out to a comedy show and has a great time, definitely has my vote. I also...

Oct 1, 2018

Greetings MMites!

I must apologize immediately because I was not prepared for this podcast. I didn't have notes, I wasn't thinking about what I should say. I just got on the microphone and just went. I was lucky this time because I did have a lot to say and it was funny. I talked about recent beefs with Eminem vs...