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Welcome to Me, Mikeself and I  

This is a really fun podcast which contains the following: prank calls, impressions, rants, music, sports, comedy and sometimes anger. But this the best place to hear my anger  because I become passionate about what's important. Such as, traffic. Yes traffic. Is there a reason why there is  bumper to bumper traffic? No there isn't. Give my car some space, at least one car length. Thank you. We are all in traffic together, let's deal with it as painless as possible. You understand me because you are here. 

Thank you for being here, 

Mike Betancourt

Jan 21, 2020

Don't go to Miami for the Super Bowl!

It's going to be very expensive: from hotel rooms, ubers, food and drinks. But since you already bought a ticket you need to listen to this episode and know what you should look out for when you go to Miami. 

I also talk about my very first Martin Luther King Jr. Day March! I had an amazing time and I truly loved every moment of it. 

And finally I talked about a story in a segment called GOOD NEWS! I talk about good news instead of horrific news you see on a daily basis. 

Here's the article from my Good News:

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